A thorny issue: Creativity

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“After the First artist, only the copyist.” from On The Loose, Terry and Lenny Russel

This quote has haunted my thoughts about creativity since reading it as a high school student.  And it has paralyzed me in many ways.  God is The Creator.  He has made everything we see, taste, enjoy, hear and feel.  How can we pretend to imitate His perfect creativity.  Yet —  we are made in His image.  We are his image bearers.  He works in “image”, and by our nature we are profoundly effected by “image.”  We were made to do so.  So, being found “in Him” I hope to enter 2017 in a creative relationship with Him, in an effort to see the world better through His eyes.  To hear the words and Word more clearly.  To enjoy the creative process “in Him”.

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