Examples of AOF rewrites

Both of these examples are excellent and thoughtful approaches to the assignment. I hope they are helpful to the students.

Here is a solid, well written AOF from lesson 2 without biblical footnotes:

*We believe that the Bible is God’s word spoken/breathed out to us. It directly reflects His nature in that it is truth and cannot lead us astray. We believe that the 66 books are what God has faithfully and sovereignly preserved for His people and that there is nothing that should be taken away or added. In the original Greek manuscripts, every word is from God and is meant to have final authority in the life of the believer.*

Here is a more comprehensive, personal and investigative assignment from lessons 2 and 3:

*Affirmation of Faith Regarding the Bible

Old Testament Canon
I believe that the 39 books in the Old Testament are the books that God wants the Scriptures to contain., I believe that they are breathed out by God.
New Testament Canon
I believe that the New Testament we have today consisting of the 27 books, is the inspired Words of God, written by human authors but intended by God to be a large part of His preserved words in the Bible. Together with the Old Testament, I believe that the Bible is a whole and true.
God is perfect, He has inspired the Bible, and He does not lie, therefore, I believe that the Old and New Testaments in the Bible are inspired by God and inerrant, meaning without error and consistent with truth and fact, for it is indeed truth.
The Bible is written by human beings inspired by a perfect God and therefore, He cannot lie and thus His word is Truth. Excluding the sinful human state of the reader, I believe the Bible itself is not able to lead us astray since it is truth and inspired by the Perfect Holy God. Therefore it is infallible and without error in the original manuscripts.
I believe that the Bible claims authority for itself. It was written by a perfect, most holy God and He is the final and supreme authority and so if these are His words, which I believe they are, then these Words are His and are authoritative. I believe that they are all breathed out by God and profitable for reproof, correction, training in righteousness. God’s word is truth. In addition to this truth, I believe that the bible is our ultimate standard for making judgment as to what is right and wrong.13 His words are able to make our way pure. And they are a light unto our path and a lamp unto our feet. There are so many places where it says “Thus says the Lord” Not only are these parts God’s but it says “All Scripture is breathed out by God”3 I believe, since in a few different places in the N.T. the authors’ writing is considered scripture, that all scripture Old and New Testament is God breathed and authoritative.
Dual Authorship
I believe that the whole Bible was breathed out by God but done so via human hands and words. Therefore, I believe that both man and God are the authors of the Bible.
Our Sin and God’s guidance
We ourselves can obscure Biblical texts because of our cultural backgrounds, biases, sin etc. We however need the work of God to help us understand all that we are learning. We need to remember that scripture has one interpretation, but can have multiple applications. A Standard of Truth constitutes a reason for only one meaning because if there was no wrong or right answer, where is truth? It is given a low value and thrown out the window. The Bible is truth and has a fixed meaning.*

[Neither of these has biblical verse footnotes, which would make the document more robust, and a better refresher course when reviewed]

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