Link to Kenny Stokes Sermon on the Trinity part 1

Here is the link we referenced in class tonight. This sermon and a followup conversation with Kenny has had great practical implications for my relationship with my own son. This God who loves His Son is our role model for fatherly love. As Kenny said, “It’s important to ‘lean in’ to our children. It is dangerous to ‘lean out’ in relationships with our children.” I had been ‘leaning out’ in my relationship with one of my children (an adult son), and it was not good nor right. Because of this conversation, the sermon by Kenny, and this wonderful view of the Trinity I have begun to ‘lean in’ and God is blessing our relationship.

The Trinitarian theology is absolutely crucial to our understanding of the gospel (day by day), our love of the Savior, our view of the blessings of eternity, and our practical relationships with others. Our God is a happy, self-sufficient God, who loves us out of the very essence of his being.

Here is the link to the Jonathan Edwards Essay on the Trinity:

Click to access An%20Unpublished%20Essay%20on%20the%20Trinity%20by%20JE.pdf


Delight in God and He will give you the desires of your heart. Ps 37:4.

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